My grandmother grew up on a farm in central Italy and only wore one double-sided dress.
One side had a pattern of checks, the other a pattern of flowers.
She wore the checks from Mondays to Saturdays while she did her chores.
When the end of the week finally arrived, she was allowed to turn her dress inside out and wear the flowers for Sunday mass.
She waited in utter anticipation every week.
I haven’t seen her wear checks again in my entire life.

iliffe (ill•if)
is an ongoing collection of handwoven garment works

the result of a desire to restore and celebrate handmade, cherished, carefully curated domestic objects.

Newest work employs the sense of simplicity, longevity, utilitarianism, and self-ascription in old working class clothing in order to examine the relationships we have with ourselves, our domestic objects, and with one another.